Slim Down Now with CoolSculpting!

Slim Down Now with CoolSculpting!CoolSculpting holds the unique distinction of being the only FDA cleared, non-surgical fat reduction procedure that involves a controlled cooling technique. Women and men who are unable to lose fat with diet and exercise can achieve improved body contours from every angle with CoolSculpting.

Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides CoolSculpting procedure to suitable candidates who want to achieve targeted fat reduction in areas such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms and neck. Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, and surrounding locations for CoolSculpting and various other aesthetic procedures.


Unique Cooling Technique

The idea of employing a cooling technique to freeze the fat away germinated at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. The scientists at the center developed the cutting edge CoolSculpting technology that is designed to safely deliver precisely controlled cooling to the target areas.

The cooling effect gently and effectively reaches the stubborn fat cells below the skin. The treated fat cells are frozen due to focused cooling, and eventually disintegrate. The body naturally processes the fat in a gradual manner and eliminates these dead cells, revealing more sculpted contours. Patients can lose fat in multiple areas with this treatment. Additional treatment sessions can progressively improve results.


Permanent Fat Elimination

CoolSculpting fat freezing technique will produce permanent results. Once the fat cells are eliminated, they will be gone for good. Unlike many other procedures and diet plans, the fat cells removed through CoolSculpting will not come back in the treated area. The treatment provider will prepare a customized treatment plan to ensure sustainable and more natural looking results. Dr. Motykie provides this procedure to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, and nearby areas.


No Downtime

One of the key benefits with CoolSculpting procedure is that the patient does not require any specific time for recovery. The risk of side effects or complications is almost non-existent, and most patients are not likely to experience any discomfort. CoolSculpting is preferred by busy moms and working people who want to return to their normal activity quickly and seek procedures that do not involve any downtime.


Comfortable Treatment

CoolSculpting procedure is equally effective for women and men, even though they tend to show different patterns of fat deposits. The length of a treatment session and the total number of sessions will depend on the extent of fat reduction required and the number of areas to be treated. The patient can comfortably read, surf the Internet, or even take a nap during the treatment session. Many patients will feel the intense cold in targeted areas in the first few minutes, but this feeling will dissipate quickly.



The CoolSculpting procedure has been cleared by the FDA for the cosmetic reduction of visible fat bulges in the thighs, abdomen, flanks, and the submental region. The treatment is proven to be highly safe and effective. It currently ranks among the most popular non-invasive fat reduction procedures with millions of treatments performed worldwide.

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Slim Down Now with CoolSculpting!

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