What is CoolSculpting?

Freeze off Your Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting

Not ready to put on that beach bikini just yet? The human body tends to accumulate excess fats in specific areas that cause bulges and uneven body contours. This is where a cosmetic surgical or non-surgical intervention may become necessary to regain a smooth figure and well-defined body contours. However, surgery is not a choice for many people just for cosmetic reasons, and they continue to live with stubborn fat deposits without being able to do much about them.

This is where a revolutionary cosmetic procedure such as CoolSculpting comes in for people who wish to remove unwanted fats without having to undergo the knife. CoolSculpting can actually sculpt the fatty areas of the body such as the abdomen, love handles and provide a smoother and slimmer overall appearance. It is a completely non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that uses an innovative cooling technology to freeze away the unwanted fat cells to the point of their natural elimination from the body.

What is CoolSculpting?

State of the Art Procedure

CoolSculpting focuses on treatment specific areas of the body that have developed bulges due to stubborn fat cells. It targets those fat cells by freezing them. The outer skin and the surrounding healthy tissue remain unaffected in the process. It targets and freezes fat cells leaving the outer skin and surrounding unaffected in the process. CoolSculpting is FDA Cleared and safe. There is no invasive surgery and no anesthesia are involved. In most cases, there is no downtime and the patient can simply resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

The challenge with most surgical and even non-surgical heat or light based fat reduction treatments is that they may cause collateral damage by destroying the healthy cells that surround the targeted fat cells in the body. The downtime goes up due to more damage, and more pain and discomfort is involved in many cases. CoolSculpting avoids all such side effects because it uses a state of the art cooling technique to reduce fats rather than involve any burning of fat cells or their invasive extraction. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared procedure and has been developed by Harvard scientists to provide a safer and more efficient fat reduction alternative.

Ideal for Working People and Busy Moms

CoolSculpting has emerged as a credible fat reduction solution not just for people who are not fit for surgery or wish to avoid surgery. It is also an ideal treatment for people who are tied up with their jobs or business and for moms whose hands are full with kids. Such individuals find it impossible to take out several days for a cosmetic procedure, even though they wish to achieve an improved and leaner physical appearance.

With CoolSculpting they have an option of a short and simple treatment that can fit into their busy lifestyle. Many patients simply schedule a CoolSculpting appointment during lunch hour, and return back to work after the treatment. Since there is no downtime involved in most cases, the procedure does not compromise the daily routine or activities of the patient in any way.

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