Sex in The City Actress, Kristin Davis, on Trying CoolSculpting

Kristin Davis has views on beauty that are very similar to those of a lot of other people. She feels apprehensive about the use of needles, development of complications, and undesirable results that may be difficult to fix later on.

For this reason, Kristin constantly seeks noninvasive procedures to enhance her appearance.

Recently, she tried an innovative procedure, CoolSculpting, which is designed to freeze the fat and eliminate it from targeted areas of the body.  This treatment involves almost no downtime. This wasn’t exactly what Kristin was expecting, and she was pleasantly surprised.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides CoolSculpting body contouring treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, and surrounding locations.


Kristin Davis’ CoolSculpting Experience

Kristin says that during her career, she put on as well as lost weight. At times, she would hit the gym six days a week while at other times, she wouldn’t exercise at all.

At present, she is in the “not at all” phase regarding going to the gym as she has two kids at home. In addition to her busy life at home, she has a busy work schedule, and many times, she needs to wear jeans on-screen.

Kristin explains that during her last job assignment, she had to wear jeans and pants. This worried her a bit as the camera adds more pounds to a person’s frame, and they could end up looking too curvaceous. This is when she heard about CoolSculpting and was intrigued.

Kristin loves being curvy and does not want to change this aspect about her figure. However, she did not previously understand that it was okay to feel this way and that a specific area could be targeted in a precise manner with assistance from her CoolSculpting provider.


Lose Fat in a Customized Way

CoolSculpting has nine distinct applicators. The patient can customize their plan with the help of their doctor and focus on their areas of concern. For Kristin, an area of concern was her midsection. She says that she had many jeans that she could not fit into but wanted to be able to button them comfortably.

She visited a plastic surgeon’s office one month ago, and they made her feel comfortable about the procedure. Kristin wouldn’t describe any part of her treatment as painful. However, the suction surprised her, but it was done just to ensure that the cold energy is directed to the right areas.  

Kristin felt cold in the treatment site, and the area went numb after a couple of minutes. After that, she watched TV for around 35 minutes. Subsequently, the treated area was massaged. She felt her skin was pink and a bit numb afterwards, and then, it was business as usual.

Right after the treatment, Kristin picked up her daughter from school and did not even remember getting anything done. She checked on the area later, and it appeared normal but felt just a little numb.



After four days when she tried on her jeans, she was happily surprised to find that they fit perfectly. While she had been told to wait for three months for the final outcomes to manifest (as it takes that much time for all the fat cells to be eliminated in the treated area), she was excited to experience a visible difference already.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, and nearby areas for CoolSculpting.

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Sex in The City Actress, Kristin Davis, on Trying CoolSculpting

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