Patient Review for Dr. Gary Motykie – Four Weeks Post CoolSculpting, My Experience So Far

Patient Review for Dr. Gary Motykie, MD


I’ve always had a layer of pudge on my tummy,…

I’ve always had a layer of pudge on my tummy, which I didn’t really mind pre-kiddos, but the crepe-ing and overall looseness of my skin makes the extra weight really unbearable for me to look at. So it had to go.

I started a series of treatments with Motykie Med Spa in LA both to shrink down the inches and deal with the skin situation. I kicked it off with CoolSculpting (large suction head, lower abdomen) about four weeks ago.

The procedure itself was no big deal. Mild discomfort in the beginning, slightly more moderate discomfort towards the end. I was a little claustrophobic, but I took a my prescribed anti-anxiety medication before the procedure and for the most part I was fairly relaxed. (Loved Tricia, she was incredibly soothing.)

The real shock came when the hour was up and it was time to remove the device. It is not for the faint of heart, my fat was frozen in to a solid block on the front of my torso. Whew! My heart still speeds up a little thinking about it. I’ve attached a photo for your enjoyment.

Tricia massaged down the block of fat-ice, which was uncomfortable to say the least. You are completely frozen and thawing out feels like what you might think thawing out would feel like. Awful. It lasted about ten minutes, and then slowly faded to numbness and I was on my way.

The first few days post-procedure I was sore. By the fourth day I was having stabbing pains in my stomach and could hardly stand the itching. My husband patted my butt through my pants one evening and it nearly sent me over the edge I was so close to my pain threshold from the pain in my stomach. It’s worth noting that I also got my period on the same day. I was crampy inside and out so it was kind of a one-two punch of horrible.

I spoke with the lovely folks at Motykie who listened to all my whining and assured me it was a normal reaction (and from reading reviews online after the fact, it seems like it’s almost a standard reaction) and recommended advil and cortisone cream, both of which did help. For my next round, I’m going to ask about a prescription for a nerve-blocker, something I’ve read is really effective in dulling the discomfort. (Yes, I’m still planning a next round, more on that in a moment…)

The stabbing pain subsided after a few days, but the soreness and itchiness slowly faded, hanging on until about the end of week three, just about week four when I finally felt like I’d returned to normal. Again, cortisone cream really helped with the itching when applied regularly. I also found my Strivectin stretch mark lotion to help, but that might have been mental.

So…will I be continuing on my series of treatments? Absolutely. I’ve lost 4 pounds in my stomach since the procedure and I’m not quite half way through the recovery period. There is no question it’s been effective. As for the pain, I don’t know what people expect killing off fat cells to feel like, but I can’t say I’m surprised it doesn’t feel good. In short: It’s an area I truly feel self conscious about and I’m not afraid of a little discomfort to see it banished for life.

I’m sharing a photo of my frozen fat block, and I’ll come back with before and afters when I’m fully healed.



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