Your Los Angeles CoolSculpting Med Spa

Your Los Angeles CoolSculpting Med SpaYour Los Angeles CoolSculpting Med Spa

Accumulation of unwanted fats in some areas of the body can cause distortion of the body contours and compromise the overall appearance of a woman or a man. One of the most effective and advanced non-surgical treatments to lose fat in a safe and efficient way is CoolSculpting.

Motykie Med Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, is a premier provider of innovative fat reduction solutions such as CoolSculpting. The procedure involves a unique cooling process that is designed to freeze the fat away without any incisions, cuts, injections or anesthesia. Motykie medical spa provides this treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

Expertise in Health, Wellness, and Beauty

The Los Angeles CoolSculpting medical spa, Motykie Med Spa, pursues total patient satisfaction in every non-invasive and minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Motykie and his team are committed to keeping every patient’s health, wellness and beauty as the topmost priority. The team of trained and experienced aesthetic experts at the medical spa is in a position to provide state of the art treatments in body contouring, skin care, laser treatments, and injectables.

The medical spa treatments such as CoolSculpting are available to help the patients lose fat without surgery, and restore more even looking body contours. Patients have the privilege to receive long term customized treatment planning that can help them achieve the most appealing physical appearance. Procedures are performed under the guidance and direction of highly experienced and dedicated plastic surgeon, Dr. Motykie.

Equipped with Advanced Technologies

Motykie Medical Spa, the well-known Los Angeles CoolSculpting Med Spa, is fitted with state of the art equipment to address a variety of body contouring, skin care, aesthetic, and anti-aging concerns. Advanced CoolSculpting technology is available, which can simply freeze the fat off from unwanted stubborn fat pockets, and produce more attractive and slimmer contours in areas such as the waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, arms, neck, and cheeks.

The team at the medical spa, led by Dr. Motykie, believes in the approach of healing the body from inside out. This can help achieve most natural looking, sustainable, and attractive outcomes in every procedure. The goal at the med spa is to help patients prevent and correct aesthetic problems, and maintain the positive results for a long time. The medical spa provides CoolSculpting and other treatments to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby locations.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

Results with CoolSculpting procedure are more natural looking because it reduces the unwanted fat deposits gradually. The targeted fat cells are disintegrated due to the cooling process, and leave the body in a natural way over a few months to help restore a slimmer contour. The procedure avoids the typical risks and side effects that may be associated with an invasive surgical fat reduction procedure.

CoolSculpting procedure does not involve any aggressive extraction, heating or shattering of fat cells. Its unique FDA cleared cooling process, which was developed by Harvard scientists, simply freezes the fat away gently. The procedure does not involve any significant risks or downtime.

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