Harvard Calls CoolSculpting a “Cool Procedure”: Over 8 Million CoolSculpting Treatments

Over 8 million Coolsculpting Treatments performed

Harvard Calls CoolSculpting a “Cool Procedure”: Over 8 Million CoolSculpting TreatmentsA recent blog in Harvard University website’s health section provides valuable insights about CoolSculpting for people who want to lose fat without surgery, injections, or downtime. The blog describes cryolipolysis (freeze the fat technique used in CoolSculpting) as “one of the hottest trends in non-invasive body sculpting.” 

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What Kind of Fat will CoolSculpting Treat? 

According to the Harvard article, the human body has two types of fatty tissue: the visceral fat (which layers up on the body organs) and the subcutaneous fat (which is the ‘pinchable’ fat in areas such as your abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, back, upper arms, and neck). 

Cryolipolysis, the process that constitutes the core of CoolSculpting, targets the subcutaneous fat. The Harvard article quotes a recent study, which revealed that as a person ages, the body’s ability to eliminate subcutaneous fat reduces. In other words, with each passing year, your fight against stubborn fat becomes more uphill. 

CoolSculpting: “A Cool Procedure” 

The Harvard article calls CoolSculpting as “a cool procedure” and goes on to inform that to date more than eight million CoolSculpting fat reduction treatments have been performed globally.  

The article quotes another research report, which shows that unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting is a fairly safe in-office procedure, which involves minimal discomfort and no downtime. 

A single CoolSculpting treatment session requires 35 minutes to complete, and you may need multiple sessions to complete the treatment in one area. For instance, if you want to get rid of excess fat deposits from the front of your abdomen, you may require at least four in-office treatment sessions. 

Side Effects 

The Harvard Health article says that some of the common side effects of CoolSculpting are swelling, bruising, redness, numbness, tingling, or darkening of the treated sites. If at all these side effects occur, they will mostly resolve on their own.  

A rare side effect of this treatment is that the fat growth may come back in the treated area. As per the blog on Harvard website, it seems that this side effect will occur in less than one percent of the cases. 

Results of CoolSculpting 

Results of CoolSculpting treatment will become visible in as early as three weeks, and will continue to improve. You can notice the maximum results at around three months. You can expect an average fat reduction of about 10 to 25 percent for each round of treatment.  

According to the article in Harvard, there is no evidence of any full-body side effects. You may require a second round of treatment after several months, but this will depend on your personal cosmetic goals and needs.  

No Downtime 

The article in Harvard Health says that cryolipolysis, the treatment process of CoolSculpting, appears to be a safe procedure for fat loss without involving the downtime of liposuction. This FDA-cleared treatment may help you fit into that pair of skinny jeans you always wanted.  

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