Freeze the Fat (Coolsculpting) FAQs

The human brain believes that any excess fat is a vital source of energy and tends to save it for future use. However, when less energy is expended due to lack of activity, the fat tends to get stored in the body. This fat accumulates more in certain areas such as the stomach and hip regions making people feel less confident about themselves.


Q. Why do workouts never seem to work out?

A. While most people may not have the time for strenuous workouts, some others may be plain lazy and abhor the very idea of workouts. With increasing age and decreasing rate of metabolism, their body just starts getting out of shape. They hate to look at themselves in the mirror and seek alternative remedies.  In such cases, cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures come to their rescue, helping melt away the excess fat like magic. They are able to regain an attractive figure with matching well-defined body contours, inviting envious looks.


Q. Is there a cool alternative to shed flab?

A. The all-new cosmetic procedure that has stormed the medical world is called CoolSculpting, where excess fat is chiseled away, leaving behind the natural body contours. This sort of procedure is a boon for people who hate coming under the scalpel and prefer such non-surgical intervention. Cool Sculpting is kind of state-of-the-art procedure, where excess fat that has accumulated in various regions of the body such as the hips and abdomen, is chiseled away to help the patients gain a slim and youthful appearance.


Q. Is this procedure invasive and dangerous?

A. Freeze the fat seems to be the key phrase that is doing the rounds in clinics specializing in helping people fight unwanted flab. The specialized procedure targets stubborn fat cells that have ingrained themselves with no immediate idea of budging. It is such fat cells that are the targets that need freezing. The best part of the procedure is that the outer skin or the tissue that surrounds it remains intact throughout the process. What’s more, the procedure is cleared as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Q. Is there any damage to the cells and surrounding areas?

A. The lack of invasive surgery or anesthesia makes this procedure all the more popular, as there is no collateral cell damage, which would otherwise be the case with most other surgical treatments for removing excess fat. The basic idea is to target loose fat in a safe and fast way.


Q. Is this a long surgical procedure?

A. Today’s busy world has several working moms who hardly have the luxury of taking off days on end to get into a hospital for extended treatments. CoolSculpting is indeed a boon for such people as it offers the option of a simple treatment that hardly takes much time at all. There have been cases where busy folks have been able to schedule quick appointments during lunch hour, and are able to get back to work, several pounds lighter, and a lot happier. Residents of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood & Los Angeles can go for this surgery by contacting Dr. Gary Motykie.

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