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Dr. Gary Motykie Patient Reviews:


Gorgeous contoured cheeks

I have been thinking about this procedure for a while. After careful research I choose the best doctor ….Dr. Motykie. I am really more than satisfied and it has been only a week and I see results…cant wait for a whole month to pass by to see final results. My cheekbones look amazing now and it looks like it has been lifted with fillers. hes really a truly amazing doctor/artist

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Dr. Gary Motykie is a true master of the art

Dr Motykie is a true master of the art of rhinoplasty. I had a botched rhinoplasty before I saw him and I went on four other consultations before I picked Dr Motykie as my revision rhinoplasty surgeon. He was the only doctor that truly listened to me and my concerns. I was scared to do another surgery but he somehow made me feel confident and secure in trusting him to fix my nose. He did an incredible job and I will be eternally grateful for his kind heart and extremely skilled hands.

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Dr. Motykie is amazing!

Dr. Motykie is amazing, and so is his work! During my consultations with him, he was very cognizant about making sure all my questions and concerns were answered. I never got the feeling that he was too busy to spend extra time with me. The staff was great and punctual, I never had to worry about anything and when you’re already nervous about surgery to begin with, there’s nothing you want more than to feel like you’re being taken care of. During my recovery, I followed other people’s blogs who documented their tummy tuck healing process and procedures with other doctors and to be honest, I seemed to be healing at a much quicker rate than them and with less scaring too — this sealed the deal for me that I picked the right doctor. I hope this helps anyone looking for a good surgeon in the LA area, feel free to email me directly with any questions about liposuction or tummy tuck.

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