Get Rid of Love Handles and Double Chin with CoolSculpting

Get Rid of Love Handles and Double Chin with CoolSculptingAppearance of unsightly fat pockets in specific areas of body is a common aesthetic concern for many women and men today. Flanks or love handles and submental or below the chin are two areas where excess fat deposits are hard to remove. Over time these stubborn fats become unresponsive to diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting is a cutting edge non-invasive technique designed to reduce unwanted fat deposits and restore more even and youthful contours. Dr. Gary Motykie is a board certified plastic surgeon providing CoolSculpting to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, and surrounding locations.


Sculpted Waistline and Chin

While liposuction is a popular treatment option designed to create a sculpted waistline and an attractive chin, it is an invasive procedure involving significant amount of discomfort, downtime, and costs. Many people today prefer to choose CoolSculpting as a completely non-surgical way to reduce the appearance of love handles and double chin and restore slimmer contours.

CoolSculpting will help a person lose fat in these targeted areas without any cuts, incisions, needles, or medications. This FDA cleared procedure has revolutionized the field of non-invasive body contouring ever since it was conceived by a group of Harvard scientists. Excess fat deposits in almost any area of the body can be reduced effectively and gently with CoolSculpting.


How does it Work?

CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is based on the scientific principle that fat cells in any area of the body will respond more quickly to cold temperatures than other healthy cells. Therefore, with the unique cooling process of CoolSculpting, the unwanted fat cells can be isolated, targeted, and eliminated under controlled cold temperature conditions.

CoolSculpting device will freeze the fat cells in a precise manner. These frozen cells will slowly disintegrate and die. The body will eventually remove these cells through its natural metabolic process. Once the cells are eliminated, more even and slimmer contours will be revealed. The wonderful aspect is that the stubborn fat cells once eliminated will not return. They are permanently gone.



In the love handle area, the CoolSculpting device will pull the excess bulge between two cooling plates. The fat will be held in place by a strong vacuum. The cooling plates are activated to a precise cold temperature where disintegration of the fat cells occurs, but the healthy skin, nerves and blood vessels remain unharmed.

To get rid of the double chin, now CoolMini device from CoolSculpting has been cleared by the FDA. This device can reach difficult to access places such as the submental area below the chin. CoolMini removes the targeted fat tissue in the same as the standard CoolSculpting device. Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, and nearby areas for CoolSculpting.


Ideal for Busy People

Working people and busy moms can benefit the most from CoolSculpting if they are looking for fat reduction alternatives that do not involve downtime. CoolSculpting eliminates the risks that are typically associated with a surgery, and involves little to no discomfort and downtime.


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Get Rid of Love Handles and Double Chin with CoolSculpting

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