Motykie Med Spa Now has Two Coolscuplting Machines

Motykie Med Spa Now has Two Coolscuplting MachinesDo you find it difficult to reduce fat in specific areas of your body, even after months of exercise? Does your body tend to bulge in places that are difficult to be targeted by regular exercise? Do you need to lose weight, but don’t have the time to go to the gym or opt for surgery? Fret not, because CoolSculpting machines are here for you! Motykie Medical Spa has two CoolSculpting machines now that use superior non surgical technology to help you target that bulging spot and give you the body shape you desire. This safe procedure is guaranteed to give you the desired body contour without any side effects whatsoever.

What is CoolSculpting?

Are you still a bit skeptical about the existence of a safe procedure that will help you lose fat only in specific areas of your body? Perhaps understanding the science behind CoolSculpting will address some of the questions you may have in mind. Let us take a look at this procedure minutely.

CoolSculpting, also known as programmed cell death, is an FDA approved method of subjecting stubborn body fat in specific parts of the body to controlled freezing. In this process, the fat cells in the body freeze up to a point where they break up into fragments and leave the body naturally. This non surgical treatment offers a permanent solution to stubborn fat in areas like thighs, waist, hips, abdomen, and lower back.

What are the advantages of this procedure?

CoolSculpting is becoming one of the most popular procedures for spot reducing fat. It has several advantages over surgical methods of fat reduction. Some of the benefits of the CoolSculpting technology are:

  • It is a non invasive procedure that is typically much safer than invasive surgeries.
  • The treatment offers a permanent solution to fat in specific areas that can’t be reduced by exercise.
  • Risks associated with surgery such as hospital-borne diseases and blood loss can be avoided.
  • Noticeable and lasting results are guaranteed by this medically tested procedure.
  • There are no side effects for this treatment.
  • With no anesthesia given, the procedure takes less than an hour to complete, and you can go home immediately after it’s over.
  • The fat cells in the specific area are alone targeted, ensuring that the surrounding tissues are not impacted.
  • The treatment is guaranteed to be pleasing from an aesthetic point of view.
  • The procedure guarantees that fat cells do not reappear in the areas that are already treated.
  • There is no pain or discomfort to the patient after the procedure.

Still not sure if CoolSculpting is the right procedure for you? If you live in and around the Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles areas, request an appointment for an initial consultation with Dr. Gary Motykie, the board certified plastic surgeon at Motykie Med Spa, to address any queries you may have about the procedure and to discuss your treatment options today.

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